Conferences and workshops

  • Videos of Past PSCE Conferences & Workshops


    • PSCE Online Conference, 19-20 January 2021

      Cybersecurity & Resilience

      Artificial Intelligence for PPDR

      Climate Emergency

      Space Applications for PPDR




    • PSCE Conference, 4-5 December 2019, Paris, France

    • PSCE Conference, 12-13 December 2018, Bled Slovenia

    • Social media & crowdsourcing for disaster management workshop, 11  December 2018, Bled Slovenia

    • PSCE Conference, 23-24 May 2018, Brussels, Belgium

    • PSCE Conference, 28-29 November 2017, Madrid Spain

    • EMYNOS Workshop 27 November 2017, Madrid, Spain

    • PSCE Conference, 4-5 May 2017, Munich Germany

    • Standardization Workshop 3 May 2017, Munich Germany

    • 2016 Athens Conference

      Please find below a presentation video of the PSCE Athens Conference (November 2016), also introducing the upcoming PSCE Conference in Munich!

  • Themes & Topics of Past PSCE Conferences

    Each PSCE conference focuses on 4-5 key topics to discuss a wide-ranging programme, focusing on the most important issues at stake. Please note that this table is updated at the end of each year.








  • Sponsorship Opportunities

    PSCE Conferences

    Twice a year, PSCE hosts a Conference, focusing on the most topical issues in public safety and bringing together policy makers, academic researchers, industrial experts and other interested stakeholders. PSCE Conferences traditionally attract over 100 international participants from more than 20 countries and include representatives of the EU institutions, national authorities, international organisations, regional authorities, industrial partners, civil society, researchers, and other interested stakeholders.

    Dissemination Opportunities

    Click here for a detailed overview of our dissemination opportunities.

    At its Conferences, PSCE offers relevant EU-funded research projects various dissemination opportunities:

    - Exhibit project related solutions or concepts and interact with key stakeholders at a dedicated poster session (all exhibited posters are included in the final version of the agenda and the Conference Report);

    - Speak and present the latest results of your project during the PSCE Conference;

    - Conduct a demo of the public safety solution your project is developing during the PSCE Conference.

    After the Conference, the results of the poster session and all presentations given at the Conference are incorporated in a Conference Report, which is sent to all PSCE members and made available on the PSCE website (, thus giving the exhibited projects further dissemination reach.

    These opportunities are accessible to any relevant EU-funded project at a small price of EUR150 per poster. Only registered Conference participants may make use of these opportunities.

    Sponsorship Possibilities

    Click here for a detailed overview of our sponsorship opportunities.

    In addition to the this document, there are a number of unique sponsorship opportunities available at PSCE to increase the visibility of your company or brand. Packages can be customised to meet your specific promotional strategy.

    PSCE annual sponsorship gives you the widest variety of unique benefits enabling you to meet your highest promotional goals. Sponsorship of the PSCE Conferences does not imply any organisational efforts from your side. All marketing aspects, communication with speakers and moderators, as well as logistics of the event are taken care of by PSCE.


    Contact Details

    For more information, please contact:

    Marie‐Christine BONNAMOUR, PSCE Secretary General

    Email: secretariat@psc‐

    Website: www.psc‐

  • Dissemination Support

    To achieve its mission, PSCE contributes directly or indirectly to EU projects which may influence the development of more effective communication and information systems during crisis.

    By direct contribution is meant the participation of PSCE as a partner in relevant EU projects in order to better hear the voice of the users, by offering a platfom where user needs and best practices can be discussed in a multi-national and multi-cultural environment.

    Besides, PSCE offers its assistance also indirectly, i.e. on request of on-going projects or entities active within the domain of public safety communications, by organising their dissemination events and/or conveying the messages to its constituency and other relevant networks. In particular, PSCE provides the following dissemination services to the third-parties:

    • Co-organisation of project dissemination events (workshops, conferences, demonstration events). This may be a half day or full day workshop back-to-back after or before PSCE events or as separate event.
    • Putting at disposal PSCE network to contact users, send information to its members and contacts, post information on PSCE website and publish articles in PSCE Newsletters.
    • Whenever appropriate, PSCE officers would attend the meetings on behalf of the third party, propose support for the elaboration of scenario and take part in testing activities.
    • Exhibition opportunities.

    For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.