PSCE presented the latest progress for the adoption of the Smart Networks Joint Undertaking and Services at Conference in Brussels

On the last day of the PSCE Conference, on December 1, David Lund, PSCE’s VP, presented the Smart Networks and Services (SNS) under the session “Funding Opportunities”. Heads of State have adopted a regulation establishing nine joint undertakings under the Horizon Europe programme, among them features the Smart Networks and Services, of great relevance to the work carried out by PSCE.

This regulation aims to make the use of institutionalised European partnerships more effective, in particular by focusing on clear objectives and outcomes that can be achieved by 2030, and by ensuring that there is a clear contribution to related EU policy priorities.

European partnerships address complex challenges that can be best addressed by a partnership with industrial stakeholders. They are set up to ensure that there is clear impact for EU citizens through a strategic vision that is shared by the partners. The partnerships bring together a broad range of players to work towards a common vision and translate this vision into roadmaps and coordinated activities.

The joint undertakings complement the existing Horizon Europe framework by addressing global challenges and priorities that require critical mass and long-term vision.

The SNS has a budget of €900 million for a 7-year period and its main goal is to focus on 5G and 6G networks evolution. The first call for applications is set for mid-January.

PSCE, as member of 6GIA, has been contributing to the preparation of the SNS work progamme, especially on the role of Key Value Indicators.