Through the IsITethical platform, PSCE provides support for responsible digital innovation in PPDR, building on over 15 years of working with practitioners and ICT developers in academia and industry.

IsItEthical? provides guidance on ethical, legal, and social challenges and opportunities that arise in the design and use of new digital communications networks, devices, services and applications. Examples of challenges include data protection under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), security, surveillance, information overload, accountability, trust, responsibility; opportunities include improved collaboration, situation awareness, agility, transparency, new partnerships, training and learning. The isITethical team offer research-based consultancy, creative ethical impact assessment for useful, high quality, responsible innovation, training and continued professional development, a community platform for exchange.

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 PSCE is driving innovation in Societal Readiness Assessment & Key Value Indicators

Together with PSCE and other stakeholders, Lancaster University are developing a Societal Readiness Assessment Framework (SoRA). The framework complements Technology Readiness Assessment and Levels (TRL) by measuring how ready public safety innovations are for society. The use of Societal Readiness Levels (SRL) and Key Value Indicators (KVI) can raise design ambition and support social acceptance by making innovations more acceptable and appropriable for practitioners and members of the public. SoRA and KVI also serve to support anticipation of unintended societal consequences and creative responses to such issues.

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