The key pillars of PSCE’s activities:

  1. Policy
  2. Communication
  3. Conferences and Workshops
  4. EU projects
  5. Standardisation

PSCE supports European organisations, stakeholders and standardisation bodies by providing expertise and contributing to discussions on public communications.


PSCE provides enhanced and targeted information about user organisation activities, research outcomes, technology developments, challenges and solutions.

Conferences and Workshops

Each PSCE conference, which is organised twice a year, focuses on 4-5 key topics to discuss a wide-ranging programme, focusing on the most important issues at stake.

EU projects

PSCE either is directly involved as a partner or contributes indirectly to various EU projects, which aim to influence the development of more effective communication systems for public safety.


PSCE is taking part in SA1 (Service and feature requirements applicable to mobile and fixed communications technology) and SA6 (definition, evolution and maintenance of technical specification(s) for application layer functional elements and interfaces supporting critical communications (e.g. Mission Critical Push To Talk).