ESA and PSCE cooperate on Space Applications and Digital Transformation in Public Safety

The European Space Agency (ESA) and Public Safety Communication Europe (PSCE) are working together to support the emergence of space-based applications in the domain of public safety. Having jointly signed a Memorandum of Intent (MoI), the organisations will join efforts to support the emergence of applications that leverage on secure satellite communications for addressing the needs of blue forces. ESA will launch a funding call early in 2022 to invite companies to develop and demonstrate digital services that are enabled by secure satcom solutions for addressing the urgent needs of public safety operators.

Call For Proposals

ESA and PSCE will launch a call for proposals in Q1 2022. It will invite companies to submit proposals for demonstration projects showcasing the value of innovative space-based downstream services and solutions in the public safety domain. The services shall demonstrate innovation in connection to enhanced secure communications in combination with the ongoing digital transformation, which has allowed the opening up new opportunities for the public safety sector, leading to the emergence of new concepts and solutions to tackle safety and security challenges with innovative solutions. Solutions are expected to address the needs identified by public safety stakeholders including fire brigades, law enforcement, emergency services, and civil protection. The projects will be co-funded through the ARTES 4S and Space Solutions programmes of ESA.

“We are very happy to cooperate with ESA to help address the challenges public safety stakeholders face through improving secure satellite communication. We are looking forward to the proposals,“ says Monika Büscher, President of the Board of the PSCE Forum.

Find more details about our partnership with ESA here.