New Membership

Interested in joining PSCE as a member? Contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

  • Access new networking and cooperation opportunities

    By joining PSCE, you automatically become part of the strong knowledge-sharing network bringing together users, industry and researchers in the field of public safety communications and information management systems. The diversity within PSCE’s membership allows you to maintain regular contacts with your counterparts and other stakeholders in order to share and benchmark your experiences.

  • Access enhanced and targeted information

    • PSCE Flash News on latest developments affecting the world of public safety communications
    • PSCE Factsheets on specific EU actions in public safety communications and EU funding opportunities
    • PSCE Newsletter with in depth analysis of relevant legislation and news on activities, projects, campaigns and conferences that PSCE and its members are involved in
    • Presentations and papers of all PSCE conferences and seminars
    • Comprehensive overview of relevant EC funded projects
    • Access to the restricted part of the PSCE website
    • Access to various survey results

  • Access the EU institutions

    • Represent the public safety communications community and raise awareness of the community needs and topics
    • Provide expertise and contributions to the EU, stakeholders and standardisation bodies

  • Access EU funded projects

    • Obtain information on funding opportunities
    • Obtain information on partnership opportunities – meet users, industry and researchers in special organised workshops to create powerful project consortia.

  • Access PSCE activities at preferential rates or free of charge

    • PSCE conferences and events
    • Pursue your activities within respective committees
    • Elaborate your ideas within working groups

  • Access the functioning of the organisation

    • Right to vote
    • Right to be elected
    • Create working groups on topics you are interested in

PSCE Institutional Membership Fees


  • 100 € per year


  • 300 € per year

Industrial Companies

  • Small: 300 € per year - 50 or less employees
  • Medium: 600 € per year - 51 – 500 employees
  • Large: 1 250 € per year - 501 or more



Please fill in the form and your application for institutional membership will be sent to the Board for approval.


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Individual membership is also a possibility. Please contact the Secretariat