Council stresses the importance of participation of all in the space sector

On November 26, EU ministers adopted Council conclusions on ‘space for everyone’, in which they emphasise the importance of participation of stakeholders from all member states in the space sector and of strengthening links between the space and non-space sectors.

Space is one of the fastest growing technological sectors in the EU. However, the European space sector’s capacities are currently unevenly distributed. Moreover, the number of SMEs is growing faster in countries with a large space industrial base than in countries with a limited or no space industrial base.

Given this, the distribution of the space sector could be improved to reach all EU citizens, institutions and companies. Ministers thus stress the importance of more equitable participation in space projects by different stakeholders in all member states. This will, in turn, allow for balanced growth and ensure the competitiveness of the space ecosystem.

Ministers also stress the need to include start-ups, SMEs and mid-caps in the European space system, as they can help to respond to global challenges such as climate change and security issues. On top of this, the space sector could contribute greatly to the development of technology necessary for the EU’s cybersecurity.

Ministers invite the European Commission, the EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) and member states to strengthen links between the space and non-space sectors.

Minsters also call on the Commission and EUSPA to intensify cooperation with member states and to support solutions to foster the development of space ecosystems in member states through existing programmes such as CASSINI and Horizon Europe and to enhance synergies with other EU programmes.