PSCE addressed the ESA Space2Connect Conference

On October 12, PSCE’s Secretary-General Marie-Christine Bonnamour presented the needs of Public Safety in terms of satellite communications at the European Space Agency (ESA) Space2Connect conference that took place between 11 and 14 October.  

Our attendance at ESA’s event provided a unique opportunity to reiterate the importance of satellite applications for public safety but also to address ongoing challenges faced by the sector. In particular, when asked what are the challenges faced by the sector with a fragmented European market, Ms Bonnamour referred to the existing tool helping to aggregate demand, the PCP Broadway, which counts with 11 buyers for boosting innovation. Additionally, PSCE’s Secretary-General underlined that the public safety sector needs to use interoperable solutions — standardization and certification elements — in response to its cross-border nature. 

The full intervention was recorded and is available on this page (session 5). 

About Space2Connect 

Space2Connect is a place to explore and discuss emerging space-based solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s digital economy. Giving an outline across the whole satcom upstream and downstream business value chain, we aim to foster partnerships and inspire new strategies for technology development and market growth. 

The conference consists of both plenary and parallel sessions with virtual networking opportunities. The opening plenary sessions are where manufacturers, satellite operators, space agencies, small companies, entrepreneurs, technical experts and investors are encouraged to quiz executive-level guests who deliver keynote speeches. 

During parallel sessions at Space2Connect we will continue to exchange ideas, share plans, develop relationships, and seek inspiration to thrive in the new space age. You will be able to choose from a wide range of topics showing the latest developments in advanced technology, products and services for satellite communications, discuss the role of space in rail and maritime transport, explore how space-enabled 5G/6G connectivity is transforming society, and much more